Virtual NextGen Academy: Wonderfully Made

Topic: Leadership

The virtual resources for NextGen Academy: Wonderfully Made will be available from April 25-June 15, 2020. Feel free to go through these resources at your own pace.

Suggested Order of Completion:

  1. Wonderfully Made Devotional
  2. Media Literacy Video: Center for Body Image Research and Policy
  3. Body Positivity Video: Center for Body Image Research and Policy
  4. Wonderfully Made Bible Study
  5. Healthy Relationships Leader Guide *Note, this guide contains a detailed description as well as supplemental resources to go along with this section.
  6. Healthy Relationships Video: Knowing Yourself
    • Relationship IQ Handout *Note, this handout should be completed twice, once before starting the healthy relationships section and again after finishing the third Healthy Relationships Video.
  7. Healthy Relationships Video: What are Healthy Relationships
  8. Healthy Relationships Video: Skills to Maintain Healthy Relationships and to Let Them Go *Note this video is long and could be split into two sections or shortened if needed. Refer to the leader guide for more information.

A Note to Students

It is recommended that you go through this curriculum as a group, however, you can also go through it individually. The discussion guide includes questions, and it would be beneficial to have someone else to go through the curriculum with. Reach out to your local church youth leader or pastor if you are interested in going through the resources for this virtual NextGen Academy; however, if your local church isn’t leading a group through this academy you could ask a parent, family member or friend to join you.

A Note to Leaders

We encourage you to schedule a time to go through these materials with your group. The materials will take approximately 4-6 hours to complete with videos and discussion. We suggest breaking these into at least three separate meeting times. Reach out to Maggie Lohmeyer with any questions on how to lead this event.

A Note about the Presenters

ShowMe Healthy Relationships is a 5-year project funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families. This interactive presentation, delivered by Dr. Monk and Dr. Herzog, both of whom are assistant professors of Human Development & Family Science at the University of Missouri, uses evidence from relationship science to help young people think about their relationship goals (with friends or romantic partners) in light of their own personal goals and values. Participants will learn about what healthy relationships look like and how to develop them at a good pace, effective communication and conflict resolution strategies that help in any social interaction, and how to cope when relationships end.

Center for Body Image Research and Policy  is an interdisciplinary research center housed in the College of Human Environmental Sciences at the University of Missouri. All bodies deserve love and respect! Dr. Ginny Ramseyer Winter and Amanda Hood who work with the Center for Body Image and Research Policy talk about how we can learn to love and respect our own bodies when they don’t live up to the unrealistic expectations our culture has created. This presentation on positive body image aims to help you find ways to love, accept, and respect your body. The topics covered will be the unrealistic expectations of bodies in social media, the effects of focusing on others’ ideas of what “perfect” looks like, and ways to combat these harmful ideas.