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Topic: COVID-19

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Virtual Meeting Tutorials

Digital Curriculums



College Age

Virtual Activities

  • 30 Ways to Digitally Connect
    • Ideas for games and hangouts that you can do online
  • Netflix Party
    • Watch Netflix together with a chat bar to discuss as you watch your show or movie (requires Netflix subscription)
  • Jackbox TV
    • Virtual games that you can play via Google Hangout or Zoom (Requires the purchase of game. Be sure to choose the platform you want to play on with your students as it cannot be transferred to different platforms. For example, if you purchase for Playstation 4, it cannot be played on XBox. Once you purchase, you can play the game as many times for as long as you want)
  • Download Youth Ministry 
    • A variety of games and curriculums available for purchase and download
  • Zoom Games
    • This article takes popular games and adapts them to play via Zoom
  • Center for Conflict Resolution Community Conversations
    • Zoom call conversations around various topics for adults

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