Redeeming the Narrative: Leading Youth Missional Communities

Topic: Training

This podcast was adapted from Scott Bons’ NextGen Summit 2019 workshop titled Redeeming the Narrative: Leading Youth Missional Communities.

“Kids are too busy!” “They just won’t come to our event/church!” “This just isn’t working anymore.” If you have ever thought (or said aloud) something like this before, I get it. Honestly, that is where I have been. With students going 5+ days a week in sports, school, and other social activities, it makes it very hard to run an effective youth ministry. Maybe that’s the problem. What if we redeem the narrative? What if we turn an obstacle into an opportunity? Instead of building a big program, what if we develop and deploy students across our communities and nation as missionaries to their peers. If we can do this, we really can “make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.” Together, lets dream of what the future could look like.

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