More Than “Just Games”

Topic: Training

This podcast was adapted from Krista Gonzalez’s NextGen Summit 2019 workshop titled More Than “Just Games”.

“Youth Ministry is just about games and pizza.” We’ve all heard it said a thousand times. Although we all know there is much more to Youth Ministry than that, it is partially true! On the surface, some might think that “just playing” is a waste of time, but I believe that it is spiritual. In a world that rewards overbooked schedules, exhaustion, and hustling it is essential that we teach our students how to experience the joy of God in their everyday life. Join me for a conversation on how to worship through play! In this breakout, you’ll learn more about the “why” behind playing games as well as receive some creative ideas on how to make your Youth Ministry a place where kids can be kids and celebrate the freedom that Christ gives us!

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