MAC Track
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Topic: Training

Historically, European churches had an open hole in their rooftops to allow space for the Spirit to enter their congregations. Nowadays, our rooftops are solid and our windows are closed. What would it look like if we made space for the Spirit to breakthrough our churches and work on the hearts of our young people who have gifts and graces to serve in ministry as laity or as future professionals? Developing a MAC (Ministry as a Career) Track Exploration for Any Sized Congregations is about creating an avenue for churches to crack the window, invite the Spirit in, and raise up young people into ministry leadership, while also exploring what this could mean for them in their living and livelihood. Participants of any church size will walk away with practical ideas for how to invite young people into leadership and how to walk them through a semester of MAC Track exploration. This part of the Missional Leadership Series and includes more resources that can be found at: