LEAP Resources

LEAP Flier

Use this flier to promote LEAP at your local church. Click here to download.

Supply List

If you registered before January 31st, you will receive a pouch of seeds and seed paper for each student in your event day kit.

Below are items that may be helpful to you during the day but are not necessary to participate:

  • Pot or Jar with soil (for planting a few of those seeds)
  • Notebooks and pen/pencil for each student
  • Seeds (if you registered before Jan. 31 you will receive this with your t-shirts in time for the event)

Snack and Game Suggestions:

  • Fruit by the Foot: Give each student a Fruit by the Foot and see who can eat it the fastest with out using their hands!
  • Applesauce Racing: Give each student an applesauce cup and let them eat it using only a straw. See who finishes first! You can also do this with Jello or pudding. Maybe try using a smaller straw (like juice box or Capri Sun for an added challenge)
  • Blueberry Bounce: Set up small cups and see how many blueberries your students can bounce into it in 1 minute! You can also try having them move with chopsticks or using suction with a straw. Eat the ones that didn’t go on the floor!

Safe Gatherings Reminder

We know many churches aren’t sure whether they will be gathering in-person or hosting a virtual watch party. In either case, you will need to be sure to follow the Safe Gatherings policies for either in-person or online events.

As a reminder, it is recommended that all adults who work with children and students in the church be Safe Gathering certified. If you have questions about your status or the status of a volunteer or employee, please visit www.moumethodist.org/safesanctuaries or contact Tina Twenter at ttwenter@moumethodist.org

The Missouri Conference Mission Council recently approved an addendum to the Conference’s Safe Sanctuaries policy for Best Practices or Preventing Abuse and Maintaining Safety and Boundaries for the Digital Church. As the pandemic has given rise to the digital church (e.g., virtual, online ministry through small groups, worship, youth ministry, etc.), local churches are thinking through standards of care, guidelines and best practices for maintaining healthy boundaries with vulnerable populations like minors during digital engagement. Many of the existing protocols and procedures for in-person ministry events should be applied to the online experience. The addendum includes more suggestions including guidance for “children’s time” and concerns related to requesting contact information from minors, particularly those under age 13 (COPPA).

For additional support around healthy boundaries with children in digital spaces, Safe Gatherings, Missouri Conference’s vendor for certifying adults to work with children, youth and vulnerable adults, has developed a New Module for Online Ministry as part of Missouri’s Safe Gatherings certification. Any new applicants will experience this module as part of certification and those who are already certified through Safe Gatherings have been sent an email encouraging them to stay informed and go through the new module. If your church hasn’t made the transition from Safe Sanctuaries to Safe Gatherings, now is the time to take advantage of the transition since the Conference is paying half of the cost to certify local church members. The Missouri Conference is committed to this program and is supplementing half the cost of the program through December 2023 (Regular price: $45). The price per applicant for the individual church program available through the Conference is $22.50.